Before you can OBEY God — you have to BELIEVE God...

That takes faith… The bible establishes that faith is to our spirit what blood is to our body. It is LIFE. The bible also details that God’s eyes literally search the world, to and fro, for individuals with faith, and, when he finds it, he always responds. Jesus said this in Luke 7:9: “I tell you; I have not found such great faith even in Israel.” God is actively looking for it, 24/7. Consider what he will find when he measures yours—you can be sure he’s looking at it. Let’s make it sufficient—let’s make it greater.

Faith Comes First

Faith is dynamic and has an ebb and flow to it. In addition, your spiritual faith is not like your mind, which can be easily deceived. In fact, your faith in Christ will need to become unshakable as you acquire that freedom so essential to a thriving, abundant lifestyle.

Always remember this: FAITH COMES BEFORE FREEDOM. You will not acquire freedom without it—believe what God says in the bible first, then he will enable you to obey his commands.


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