Shannon Ericsson – Bio

Professional – Vocational Background

SHANNON ERICSSON is a gifted entrepreneur, visionary, and ministry consultant. He has wide-ranging experience writing, producing, and conducting a multitude of teaching technical and ministry seminars, training programs and work sessions for architects, engineering firms, contractors, church ministries and business leaders across the United States and Canada. His professional career, especially as a ministry consultant, has put him in almost daily contact and relation with literally
hundreds of pastors, bible teachers, and church leadership within the Christian Community, across our nation.


In his professional capacity, Ericsson has become a venerable expert at identifying and obliterating obstacles that can get in the way of navigating the Christian lifestyle with powerful impact and effectiveness—his clients and peers alike regard him as a pioneer and visionary, having developed a keen insight, ability and expertise in several ministry fields.


He has been personally involved with well over 400 church projects, ranging from small consulting assignments to mega-million dollar, very complex multi-site facilities, that have spanned several years to design, plan and complete. His professional services focus on the essential functions of ministry program strategy, planning, education, and leadership to a variety of church projects and specialized Christian organizations.

Personal – Philosophical Background

A question that I am asked a lot: How have I become aware of these issues affecting spiritual freedom? Good question; let me offer this response.  My career, as a Ministry & Technical Program Consultant, has put me in almost daily contact and relation with literally hundreds of pastors, administrators, ministers of music & worship, and lay leadership within the Christian Church Community across our nation.


In this capacity, I have personally experienced many of the denominational structures that identify Baptists, Pentecostals, Methodists, Presbyterians, and the other many expressions of faith within the Christian Church, taken as a whole.  So, I have learned to develop a very keen insight, knowledge & expertise of both evangelical & liturgical expressions of ministry, and, have also not been confined to construct this program from a single denominational viewpoint. This has been invaluable to me and I’ve been able to design this program for a very wide appeal within the Christian Church community, at large.


To perform my work well, I am required to “get to know” these ministers and their ministry performance goals & mandates with considerable accuracy, effectiveness, and depth.  Most of these Church Projects of mine, over the last 25+ years, have taken from several months to sometimes several years to complete. This has provided me a more than sufficient time frame to establish very strong & trusting relationships with many.


Through this network of endearing relationships, there have been extensive discussions and sometimes deep concerns being revealed, and even a lot of sorrow expressed at times when well-intentioned men and women of God, with great skills and service to offer, seemingly lose so much when life “breaks down” for them.


Therefore, I have developed a sincere sense & conviction that I am developing this program not so much to a group of readers that I do not know, but rather, to very dear friends whom I have a very real connection with, and care a great deal about. I also have a lot of empathy with Christians who struggle with addictive behavior. I was saved myself while in my 20’s from a lifestyle of being a functional alcoholic. I know the struggle very well, and have had to be vigilant & diligent in my pursuit to know and relate to Jesus effectively enough to maintain my own spiritual freedom. I have learned, and I know very well, what needs to be done.  

I get it.... I really do get it...!


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