Book 1 – Freedom Thru Grace

By God’s grace we are saved & forgiven..... And, so it is also, by His grace that any of us can acquire & experience authentic, biblical freedom

Freedom Thru Grace will focus on increasing the unsearchable riches of the knowledge of Jesus, learning & increasing the understanding of how the Gospel of Christ functions, and how it can be put into effective operation on a daily basis. Acquiring that attitude of Jesus, and then consistently thinking more, and acting more, like him in your lifestyle – Increasing the impact that Jesus, his amazing grace, and the sheer spiritual power that his Gospel has upon your life, both academically & relationally – Acquiring that first experience of authentic, spiritual freedom that Jesus has made available to every Christian – Developing, establishing and putting a formidable spiritual foundation into effective operation, then building your life upon that.

This is where authentic, biblical freedom begins......

Freedom Renewed

A New Plan – A New Book

Now Available – I wrote this book for all those individuals, from 16 to over 60, who are discovering that willpower, and reading the bible, self-improvement & other relevant resources, combined with church attendance, have not been sufficient to provide, or maintain, the joy and fulfillment in life, that they are seeking.

Freedom Through Grace

Life Action Plan – eBook

This eBook has been compiled from extensive but specific research, focused on improving bible centric, spiritual discipline, and self-control. A number of believers have told me that their life has veered off course a little bit, and they are looking for an effective way to get it back on track. That’s what this little book has been designed to do—that’s why I wrote it…


Introduction – Provides an overview of the major themes of the book and the Action Plan sessions.

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – Challenge
  • Chapter 2 – The Path
  • Chapter 3 – Faith
  • Chapter 4 – Lifecycles
  • Chapter 5 – Tactics


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