This session focuses, and expands our attention on the choices we make, how important they are, and what influences them, for the most part—especially those particular choices in life that cause all kinds of stress and worry to come upon us, attacking our faith, that can then make us so easily susceptible to sin.


Your adversary, the devil knows this about you, and your human nature, and he will exploit these kinds of choices every time you give him an opportunity to do so. Therefore, be very sober minded about the true nature of sin (particularly, besetting sin):

  • Yielding yourself to sin will take you where you do not want to go….
  • Yielding yourself to sin will cost you more than you think you ought to pay….
  • Yielding yourself to sin will cost you more freedom than you think you ought to lose….
  • You will spend way more time immersed in the grip of sin than you ever thought you would….

Got all those bullet-points down? Count the cost......! It just ain’t worth it......!

This session reveals what happens when the love of yielding to, and following after, the evil desires of the heart exceed the desire to love and follow after the Lord Jesus Christ, and his commands.

I will answer this question: What can I expect to happen to me if I consistently choose this destructive kind of lifestyle? Many of you already know the answer to this question because you’re living it. How about you—want to get free and take your life back?


Truth is, there’s a multitude of ordinary Christians out there today—many of whom have been walking with God for years, and even decades, but have yet to experience that exhilarating, spiritual freedom that could be theirs, if only they could get a new grip on that kind of faith. The Gospel of Christ really is that powerful, and Jesus really is that good—like the bible says, taste and see that he is good—let him prove it too you. He’s doing it right now to a multitude of struggling believers—He does it all the time. He’s really good at it—his love never fails, and will never fail YOU…!


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