Spiritual Warfare – Advanced Tactics

Let’s get right into it – Your initial tactics of fighting this spiritual war begins by bringing your own mind under control—taking dominion over it, and then subduing it, to put you into conformance with God’s word. That’s the safe place for you to be. You first prepare and renew your mind, just getting it ready to effectively submit to God. Here’s some pragmatic theology that will help you put this tactic into effective operation:

Find out what God wants from you – and give it to him.

Find out what Spiritual Freedom will cost you – and pay that price.

Life is hard—really hard and difficult at times, because God designed it that way—it’s supposed to be hard.

It’s that very struggle in life that every one of us are challenged by from time to time—God uses these cycles and seasons of struggle in life to develop, hone and perfect that spiritual GRIT in us. He does it to make us stronger. My clear intent, hope and prayers for all of you engaging in this freedom renewed program of mine, is to put each of you on the right path that will indeed lead you to begin experiencing that freedom through grace, that only Jesus and the inimitable power of his Gospel can provide you. I encourage you therefore, to take and apply what I’ve written in these five sessions, to begin building, or, re-building that spiritual foundation of yours, employing a tenacious and formidable attitude, just like Jesus—to get that done.


My further hope and prayers for all of you is to continue on this path, learning to hone and perfect your ability to walk in and by the Spirit, through both of my books, Freedom Through Grace and Freedom Through Obedience, when they become available in print.


In closing, you have my abundant gratitude for investing some of your very valuable time, faith and grit pouring over these words of mine, on this rewarding journey with Jesus, the lover of your soul.


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