Life Point Church Moves to “High Resolution Ministry”

Life Point Church Moves to “High Resolution Ministry”

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LifePoint Church offers a contemporary media-driven worship service and ministries that focus on young progressive singles and families in the greater Vancouver area. 

Each Sunday we offer three contemporary services in our sanctuary, which can accommodate up to 1,000 people.



During the past several months we have upgraded our entire worship center to a state-of-the-art audio, lighting, and high-definition video production & projection system to better accommodate our growing ministry. 


We wanted to appeal to our target audience of iPod-toting 30- to 40- something singles and young families where the use of media is a common way of communication.  Also, we were getting complaints that images and text on our old screens were blurry and hard to read.


We hired Shannon Ericsson of Omega Consultants in Olympia, Washington to help us design a very “immersive” ministry experience that would meet our needs and stay within our budgetary constraints.  During the consultation process, we decided that the core design goal for our facility would have to address the essential ministry goal of making the “technology” behind the ministry programs to be as transparent as possible.



As I work with a volunteer team of 30 people, the fact that our technical ministry system is easy and intuitive to operate is very important. The key reason for that is Shannon’s incredible teaching ability to communicate highly technical ministry programming to non-technical church operations staff.


Pastor Brian Butcher commented: “We’re quite satisfied with Shannon & Omega designing & implementing this new technical ministry system, the ease & joy of producing the weekly programming, and the stunning performance results Sunday to Sunday……”


We maintain the confidence in Shannon’s expertise and technical capabilities in designing and implementing the latest state-of-the-art available for high performance ministry, and doing so cost effectively. We have complete reliance on him to consistently research, develop, and implement the latest “cutting edge” technologies as they emerge.


Pastor Brian Butcher oversees the music, audio, video, lighting and drama departments at LifePoint Church.



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