Moral Purity Seminar

It certainly wasn’t unusual for a normal, bible-centered, bible-teaching Christian community church to offer & present a seminar to their congregation that focused on moral purity. Not at all….. Happens quite often, throughout the Christian church community in America.

Christian Minds

So…..Most Christians think that their minds function like a compass. A good working compass is designed to always point to the north. Most Christians think that their minds always point to the truth…..That they are hardly ever wrong……What do you think?

Habits – How long does it take to form a good one?

A Good Habit. Why the habit….. comes before When the habit. Answer why you want to form that good habit in the first place, before you can determine how long it may take you. And, that answer needs to be as clear, simple and unambiguous as you can possibly make it.


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